About Me

For the majority of her life, Peggy McCartha has been passionate about photography. She is a certified professional photographer with over 33 years of experience. Peggy is known as the most industry-savvy headshot photographer in Los Angeles and is the creator of the Headshot Strategist® Program. Her experience as a professional photographer combined with her knowledge of both the world of entertainment and entrepreneurs has allowed Peggy to help hundreds of actors and executives get headshots that get them noticed.

​Peggy’s desire to dig into the psychology of what makes an effective headshot to assure that her clients get marketable headshots every time led her to host a weekly video podcast called “Headshots by Peggy PRESENTS” for almost a decade. The show is designed to Encourage, Inspire and Educate people in the industry. She has interviewed top industry professionals sharing helpful tips, inspiration, and insights to help everyone.

​On a more personal level, Peggy is also a wife, mother, and friend who loves enjoying time with friends, game nights with her family, and traveling with her husband Merrick. Peggy is very active with non-profits and programs that support people without homes. Another thing that she is passionately involved in is bringing awareness and education about Lymphedema. Last, but certainly not least – Peggy is always ready to have a conversation about Civil Rights, Equality, and Human Trafficking!

​“Remember, in addition to ambition, drive, and tenacity to truly be successful we also need patience, empathy, compassion, and kindness.” ~Peggy McCartha

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