Headshots For Actors 

How it Works:

I take a slightly different approach with headshots than some photographers. I am all about effective, marketable headshots!  In order to accomplish that, I have developed a program called The Headshot Strategist®, This program is included with your headshot session, it is a 45 min Zoom program that you will schedule before you come for your headshots. We will focus on where you are and where you are going in your acting career. You will get a clear understanding of how to get effective, marketable headshots every time.  I will show you how you can use your headshots in your marketing strategy, and much more, including nailing down wardrobe, types, looks, etc. 


After our session you will receive a link with all of your watermarked proofs, keep in mind, these are proofs, no retouches have been done yet. Once you pick the images you want, you will receive your images retouched, looking professional, and ready to use! Your retouched images will be in both high-resolution 8x10 format with a border and your name (for print) and medium resolution ready to upload to your casting profiles.


I offer Slates for your Actors Access or your other casting profiles, I also offer Self-Tape Audition services, ask for details.

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