Headshots For Professionals 

Does your business headshot reflect who you really are?

A business portrait or headshot is often your first impression and is what defines your professional image and shows potential clients and associates who you are. Today, we all have a digital identity… you know, the images that show up when you google your name.

I have helped hundreds of actors to create impactful, effective headshots that gets them noticed by casting, I leverage these same strategies in the corporate world, helping businesspeople take charge of their first impressions and attract their ideal clients.  Together we will take charge of your digital identity and give you the power to put out to the public what you want the public to see, not just a “pretty picture”, but one that works for you, with intention, to get you noticed.

Being entrusted to give you your digital identity is a responsibility I take seriously. I’ve photographed thousands of clients, from corporate executives to authors, lawyers, actors, artists, and musicians, so rest assured, I have the training and experience to make you look your best by finding your best look.

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