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We live in a digital-driven world, your images are often your first impression -
Let's make sure you make a good one!

Need Headshots?

Why the Headshot Strategist®

Did you know that within the first few seconds of seeing your picture, people will have already decided if they want to continue to get to know more about you or just scroll on?   That’s right, that is why your headshots and images are so important. 

The Headshot Strategist® Session is designed to identify what you want your target viewing audience to know about you from the start and we make a plan to accomplish that. So you can start making an amazing, impactful first impression.

Stand Out... Get Noticed!  

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My Work


actor headshots


“Peggy has an amazing ability to capture the actor's spirit. She is able to pull the REAL essence of an actor forward with her casual ease and powerful eye. I was so happy with my shots, they really represented me as an actor.”

actor headshots


“Had a great time and loved the marketing shots I got with Peggy. She was patient to ensure I got just what I needed. I can create the perfect pitches. Thank you Peggy!”

business headshots

Writer Filmmaker

“In Love with my Headshots. Peggy knows how to light and work with Dark Skin. That is another level of Professionalism.”


Peter Hurley
Top NYC Headshot Photographer

“…good in range of expression and looks of people, you definitely know how to light, and you definitely know how to bring out expression…”

~Critique by Peter Hurley

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